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Achieving both Cutting Performance and Useful Life through Core Technologies

JTEKT GRINDING TOOLS CORPORATION has established a variety of technologies over the close to a half century since the company's founding. This is a look at the core technologies we have cultivated together with the art of making things in Japan and around the world.

Knowledge for Grinding

Experts not only in diamond and CBN tools, but in grinding itself

At JTEKT GRINDING TOOLS, we devote effort to product development hand in hand with Toyota Group machine-tool manufacturer JTEKT. Grinding machines from JTEKT are installed with our products as standard equipment, and engineers from both companies make visits to customers as a team. For this reason, we have abundant knowledge regarding grindstones and dressers, of course, and also grinding itself, far surpassing our competitors. This knowledge is put to full use in making highly practical products.

Material-development Technology

Development capabilities for the binders that control the performance of diamond and CBN tools

The performance of diamond and CBN tools is determined by the abrasive grains adhering to the tip of the product, and the binder that holds these grains in place. Abrasives (ultra-abrasives) can be broadly divided into two types: CBN (cubic boron nitride) and diamond, with binders being the three types of glass, resin, and metal (sintered or plated). We arrange the combinations of these abrasives and binders to match your product-making needs.
With respect to relationship in which the abrasive abrades the article being ground and the binder holds the abrasive grains in place, developing binders that allow the abrasive to work with maximum effectiveness is true material development. In our endeavors, we develop optimal binders through discussions of views by experts in a range of aspects.

Filler Technology

Creating a variety of beneficial effects by compounding

Resin wheels use resins as the binder. The techniques of creating various beneficial effects by compounding these resins with additives is filler technology. As an example, adding metals that exhibit good thermal conduction makes it possible to absorb and retain the heat produced in grinding. In addition to this, cutting performance can be enhanced, life extended, and machining under a variety of conditions accommodated by filler technology.

Plating Technology

Plating technology for holding abrasive grains

The type of electroforming method for electrodeposition wheels and rotary dressers involves fixing the abrasive in place by nickel plating. Because this is thick plating using nickel, warpage of the final product can be held to a minimum, and so its homogeneity is extremely critical. We boast rotary dressers whose shape precision is globally top-class, making them optimal for complex detailed shapes and for shapes that demand ultra-high precision.

Diamond Machining Technology

Cutting diamonds with diamonds

For rotary dressers, diamond wheels are used to machine diamonds.
Rotary dressers serve as the master for the configuration of customer parts, and so they must be fashioned to have a tolerance under half the tolerance for the part precision. Machining technology that achieves ultra-high precision, such as, for instance, forming the diamonds for dressers whose configurational precision is less than half of the product tolerance of a bearing for which micron-order precision is required, is something that JTEKT GRINDING TOOLS has.