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JTEKT GRINDING TOOLS CORPORATION advances protection of personal information by establishing the personal-information protection policy given below, setting up a system for protection of personal information, and making all employees fully cognizant of the importance of protection of personal information to take action accordingly.

Management of Personal Information

To keep the personal information obtained from customers accurate and up to date, and to prevent unauthorized access, loss, corruption, alteration, disclosure, and the like with respect to personal information, we take such necessary measures as maintaining security, devising a management system, and conducting thoroughgoing employee education, implementing safety measures and conducting rigorous management of personal information.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Personal information appropriately obtained from customers is used for the following purposes:

  • -Informing customers of products (including new products and product exhibitions); for sales promotion activity including specifications, sales terms, etc.; for JTEKT GRINDING TOOLS activities including product (and new product) information, R&D, production, shipment, delivery, after-service, procurement, and customer management; and for contract fulfillment and related procedural communications
  • -Personal information relating to JTEKT GRINDING TOOLS employees will be used for employment and personnel management

Prohibition of Disclosure or Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

Personal information obtained from customers is stored appropriately, and except when one of the following cases is applicable, we do not disclose personal information to any third parties.

  • -Cases where the customer has given consent
  • -Cases of disclosure to an operator which JTEKT GRINDING TOOLS has commissioned duties in order to conduct services desired by the customer
  • -Cases where disclosure is legally required

Personal Information Sharing

Customer personal information obtained from through transactions, inquiries, exhibitions, etc., and personal information relating to parties involved in transactions (address, phone number, fax number, email address) may be shared with other firms in the JTEKT Group (JTEKT Corporation, subsidiaries as defined under Article 8, Para. 3 of the Regulations, and affiliated firm as defined under Para. 5 of same), when deemed necessary by JTEKT GRINDING TOOLS. The purpose of such information sharing shall be sales promotion such as product information, specification, sales terms, etc.
However, customer personal information shall only be shared within the JTEKT Group when deemed necessary for the above-mentioned purposes, and to the minimum extent required to achieve them.
JTEKT Corporation shall be responsible for management of such shared information.

Safety Measures for Personal Information

We implement exhaustive measures with respect to security to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information.

Inquiries by Persons Concerned

In cases where the customer requests inquiry into, correction, or deletion of his or her own personal information, we accommodate this in accordance with applicable legislation, and upon verification of personal identity.

Compliance with Legislation and Norms, and Revision

Together with complying with applicable legislation and other norms relating to the personal information in our possession, we devote effort to reviewing and revising this content of this policy as appropriate.


Please direct any inquiries related to personal information at JTEKT GRINDING TOOLS to the following:
Personal Information Officer: Manager, General Affairs
1-54 Shiroyama, Maigi-cho, Okazaki, Aichi Prefecture 444-3594
Phone (0564) 48-5311
Fax (0564) 48-6156