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Constantly Evolving in Order to Continue Offering Customers Wonder and Joy Based on Our Principle of High Quality and Low Cost

Our company was formed as a joint venture in 1975 by Toyoda Machine Works, Ltd. (present day JTEKT) and L. M. Van Moppes & Sons Ltd. (present day Saint-Gobain). In 2025 we will commemorate our 50th anniversary. Since our establishment, with the support of our many customers, community members, and shareholders, we have engaged in the development, manufacturing, and sale of diamond and CBN tool products in order to respond to the needs of society.

The industrial world is currently facing a once-in-a-century time of major transformation.
We will continue our united effort in pursuit of even greater performance (ultra high-accuracy, ultra high-efficiency, ultra high-precision) of our flagship products; vitrified CBN wheel, resin/metal wheels, and rotary dressers, as well as development, manufacturing, and sales in new fields.
In order to achieve these feats, we are focusing on personnel development with the mindset that our employees are our greatest asset.

We will continue living up to the expectations of our customers, community members, and shareholders, to create wonder and joy, and ultimately fulfil our goal of forever remaining a company that is kind to people and society.

Yoshiki Mochizuki, CEO & President